PTSD Veteran EAP

How does the program work?

Employees and family members may call ACI's EAP toll free at 800.932.0034 to speak with a professional by phone about any issue that is affecting daily life. The EAP Employee Assistance Program will work with the employee to find a solution that meets his or her specific needs.

The EAP helpline is available 24/7, 365 days a year for urgent after-hours assistance.

The following resource categories are available in the drop-down menu above:

GI Bill Info

Learn how Veterans can use the GI Bill to their benefit.

Benefits and Services

Useful benefits and services to address various Veteran needs.

Veteran Health and Wellness

Learn about Veteran-specific mental and physical health and wellness resources.

PTSD:The Basics

Learn PTSD facts, symptoms, and coping strategies.

Real People, Real Stories

Veterans share personal stories about living with PTSD.

Treatment: PTSD

Learn about various treatment options available.

Treatment: Substance Abuse

Get information about PTSD-related alcohol or substance abuse.

Top 5 Indicators of PTSD

  1. Avoidance

    Employee may purposefully avoid activities, places, situations and even conversations that may trigger past traumatic experiences.

  2. Increased Vigilance

    Employee may appear paranoid or hyper vigilant in any given situation.

  3. Extreme fatigue

    Employee may exhibit symptoms of extreme exhaustion, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating as the result of PTSD-related insomnia.

  4. Anger outbursts

    Employee may easily get irritated and quickly overreact.

  5. Addictions

    Employee may develop or show worsening signs of alcohol or substance abuse.

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